Things to do?

Haarlem is a pretty city to the north of Amsterdam and steeped in Dutch history. It is the capital of the province of North Holland and offers a wide range of attractions to visit and activities worth to experience. Haarlem’s medieval past and flourished Golden Age have left behind a fantastic heritage to discover. Also known as the “Flower city”, Haarlem is considered the centre of tulip-bulb district. The city also built its historic reputation and richness with the silk and linen industry. And at the time of sailing Dutch hegemony, Haarlem became crucial for ships tolls payments. The river Spaarne crosses the city and brings a picturesque view to the city.

Come to visit us and learn about its historical heroes: the allegedly real inventor of the printing press or the governor who contained the 3rd Duke of Alba army. Visiting museums; strolling the streets with an impressive medieval architecture; sailing on the river Spaarne or indulging yourself with a delicious restaurant menu, are only some of the many things to do in this wonderful city.

The best shopping city in The Netherlands

Haarlem has been distinguished as “the best shopping city in The Netherlands”. The impressive shopping offer includes charming local businesses but also the most recognizable chains. Look for the major clothing brands or the home made souvenirs, everything can be found in the streets of Haarlem.

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Haarlem is centrally located between Zandvoort aan Zee and Amsterdam. Also the city is extraordinarily well connected by train and highways, which make those places very easy to reach (in 10-18 minutes).

Haarlem has also a reputation for its relentless festivals and (music) events. Take a look h for the current agenda.


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Some of the major attractions in the region are: